Residential Design Services From a Custom Home Builder in Birmingham, AL

Residential Design Services From a Custom Home Builder in Birmingham, AL

Precision Homecrafters, LLC

If you’re having trouble fleshing out your custom home construction or remodeling ideas, call Precision Homecrafters, LLC. We’ve partnered with skilled architects who can provide the schematics for your project. This way, you can see a sketch of your home to help you imagine the end result. Once you approve the design, your architect will put the license number and AIA stamp of approval on the documents and give them back to us. We’ll start your project once we receive the blueprints.

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Superior service for outstanding results

When it comes to custom home builders in Birmingham, Alabama, other companies can’t compare to Precision Homecrafters. When you choose us, you’ll benefit from a remodeling contractor in Birmingham, Alabama that:

  • Has over 40 years of experience
  • Is licensed and insured
  • Is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction

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Design Build

How Design/Build Works For You

Precision Homecrafters, LLC is pleased to start the "Design" stage of your remodeling project. Using Precision Homecrafters, LLC to design and build your project provides you with several advantages. We have joined forces with our Architect for the purpose of providing schematics and working drawings for your project. You receive the full benefit of years of experience on numerous projects, licensing, and liability insurance. Final construction documents will include the AIA stamp and license number. Our Architect will also continue to serve as a project resource in checking the phases of construction to assure that construction is in accordance with plans and specifications. Please note that the schematic drawings that will be provided along with any sketches are not working drawings. The reason for starting the process using only schematics is that there are less up-front expenses. It also takes less time to get an estimate back to you on the approximate cost of your remodeling project.

When the schematics meet your approval, Precision Homecrafters, LLC will give you a "Scope of Work" estimate, which is the estimate of the cost to complete the project as designed. (This estimate is subject to change upon completion of final working drawings.) At that time, if you wish to go forward with your project, we will do three things:

1. Sign a Construction Agreement with you that confirms you are interested in pursuing the construction of your project with Precision Homecrafters, LLC.

2. Proceed with completion of the Construction Documents that will be used by Precision Homecrafters, LLC to build your project.

3. Collect a non-refundable deposit from you that will be applied towards the cost of the project on the final payment and will allow us to put your project on our schedule.

** The final construction documents are for the sole purpose of building the project and remain the property of Precision Homecrafters, LLC. **

These Design/Build services are for both custom homes and remodeling projects.